Grand Court of North Carolina
Order of the Amaranth
Elected Grand Officers
Grand Royal Matron
Grand Associate Matron
Grand Royal Patron
Grand Associate Patron
Grand Treasurer
Grand Secretary
Grand Conductress
Grand Associate Conductress
Grand Trustees:
1 Year
Grand Commissioners
of Appeal:
1 Year
S.K. John Clore
S.K. Rick Smith
S.K. Warren Taylor
H.L. Linda L. Woolard
H.L. Judy Trest
H.L. Kamin Burns
S.K. Stephen White
H.L. Paulette Powell
S.K. Thomas Riales
H.L. Meredith Hart
H.L. Millie Rice
Appointed Grand Officers
Grand Prelate
Grand Historian
Grand Marshal in the East
Grand Marshal in the West
Grand Lecturer
Grand Standard Bearer
Grand Truth
Grand Fraternal Correspondent
Grand Marshal
Grand Faith
Grand Wisdom
Grand Charity
Grand Musician
Grand Warder
Grand Sentinel
Grand Page
Grand Crown Bearer
Grand Sword Bearer
S.K. Michael Connally
H.L. Michele Clay
H.L. Carolyn Harrell
H.L. Linda Whitener
S.K. Max Dearing
H.L. Linda Johnson
H.L. Carol Rogers
H.L. Katie Tang
H.L. Judy Bissette
H.L. Carolyn Robinson
H.L. Nancy Modlin
H.L. Cara Hall
H.L. Cathy Dearing
S.K. Mike Trest
S.K. H. John Ward
H.L. Wendy Connally
H.L. Iva Eldridge
S.K. Scot Robinson
H.L. Heidi Chriscoe
2 Year
3 Year
2 Year
3 Year
H.L. Laura Smith
Grand Officers
Grand Representatives
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Grand Royal Patron's
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S.K. James Powell